27 January 2012

Babycakes NYC !

Check out what my lovely boyfriend brought me back from his weekend away in New York City!! I'm a lucky gal and don't I know it! Babycakes Bakery treats!  :)

In that box was a Spelt Carrot Cake Cupcake, a GF Coconut (or maybe vanills?) Cake Donut, a GF Coffee Cake Donut and a GF Chocolate Chip Cookie !

All were super delish! Even though they were day old! My fave was most definitely the Coconut (maybe vanilla) Cake Donut. It did not have a muffin-like texture AT ALL, which I was half expecting. It was like... a real live donut! Just like a traditional donut made with gluey gluten and eggy eggs! I was super impressed!

So obviously this delicious box of goodies super inspired me to try my hand, yet again, at one of their famous donut recipes from their latest cookbook !  I've made a few things from both of their cookbooks in the past that did not turn out great. But this time I had high hopes!

PS : While searching "Babycakes" to find the above pic,
I came across this pic. Super disturbing. Can't look away though!

I chose to make the Cake Donut recipe. But once again, I was let down. Sadly, they didn't turn out anything like the delicious donuts they sell in their bakery. Actually, I'm pretty sure that they did not publish the recipes that they use in their shop. The donuts were gummy (too much xanthan), way too sugary and very beany tasting (from the garfava flour). I actually had to throw them out after a few days of denial.
:(   So sad.

On the plus side, I guess I'll just have to go to New York very, very soon to stock up on their luscious gluten free dontus! :) Not so bad :)

Yummmm, cupcakes!

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