23 July 2014

Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Oh. my.

This is the best idea ever and I want these so badly! An ice cream sandwich made from tradional Italian pizzelles waffle cookies. They look amazing!

And so begins my new obsession... hunting down a vegan version of these fabulous cookies. Any leads or ideas?  I guess I could always MAKE them myself since I'm pretty sure that someone in my family has a pizzelle maker!

Has anyone ever tasted pizzelles? Or made them from scratch (vegan or not)?


  1. Ooo, that does look good! I've never made them, but I bet they can be done.

  2. Wow! My reply is a tad late, eh?? I'm still thinking about these delicious Italian cookies though!!:)

  3. An ice-cream sandwich made with waffle cookies sounds absolutely divine. I can totally understand your obsession. I hope that you find a recipe for these soon.