20 November 2011

Buttermilk Pancakes for Sunday Breakfast! Yummmmmy

Pancakes for breakfast are the best! 


They're all I could think about when I woke up this morning!

Pancakes are pretty easy to make and don't really require a recipe to be delicious!

But lately I've been trying to make use of my many, many cookbooks so I decided to choose a pancake recipe from this book :

500 Vegan Recipes

I've had this cookbook for about 2 years and haven't made much from it. So I thought I'd give it a chance this morning!
I came across No-Fail Buttermilk Pancakes on page 43.
They looked simple enough to make but more importantly- I had all of the ingredients!

Whenever I try to follow a recipe, I always manage to change a few things...
Today was no exception!

So here's the recipe from 500 Vegan Recipes with a couple of tiny alterations made by me! :)

Buttermilk Pancakes

To make the buttermilk, combine 1 Tbsp fresh lemon juice with 1 cup So Delicious Coconut milk in a small measuring cup/bowl and set aside.

In another small bowl, combine 1.5 tsp egg replacer with 2 Tbsp water and set aside.
(Or you can use 1Tbsp ground flax seed combined with 3 Tbsp water)

Next, in a small bowl or large measuring cup, whisk:
1 cup light spelt flour
1 Tbsp oat bran
2 tsp cane sugar
1 tsp baking powder
 1/4 tsp vanilla powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
pinch of sea salt

Into the dry mix, stir the buttermilk and the "egg" mix as well as 2 Tbsp sunflower oil.
Mix well.

Heat a non-stick skillet over high heat and make 4 delicious pancakes! Yummy! Serve hot with maple syrup of course!

Flickr Pancakes

Flickr Pancakes

If you're wondering what some of these ingredients are.... here are some pictures!

So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Milk

There are lots of brands of egg replacer out there,
but I really like EnerG Egg Replacer

Egg Replacer
Spelt Flour

Oat Bran

Oat Bran

Vanilla Powder. Looks like soil!

Vanilla Powder. As you can see it's quite expensive. But a little goes a long way.
You can buy it here: http://www.vanillafoodcompany.ca/

What's your favorite pancake recipe?

And do you have any tried and tested recipes from 500 Vegan Recipes?


  1. I love love love pancakes! They were of the first foods I learned to cook when I was a kid, and I have been trying to perfect my recipe ever since. I don't have a fav recipe, although the pancakes in 'vegan brunch' are pretty good. I also have '500 vegan recipes' but have never made anything from it, so I guess this will be my first recipe :)
    p.s. I love raw vanilla powder - and I don't find it expensive on a per-use calculation. I find the flavour so much nicer than vanilla extract, though I still sometimes use that for baking, and the raw powder for raw foods.

  2. fun! VWAV has a great simple pancake recipe! i'm not really a fan of the fancy pancakes. i also don't like them too sweet since i drown them in maple syrup anyway! :)

    let me know if you ever make anything from 500 vegan recipes! :)

    vanilla powder is amazing! i think i use it in every baked good that i make... hehe
    a little definitely does go a long way! :)

  3. I also have cookbooks that have been sitting around for awhile, unused. It's good you gave it a try. Robin has some good recipes! Never heard of vanilla powder. Is it stronger tasting than vanilla extract? Is it vanilla beans ground up? I'll have to look into it.

  4. Vanilla powder is amazing! I use it in all my desserts. It's made from dried and ground up whole vanilla beans! Usually vanilla powder is raw too.
    I love to sprinkle it over apple pies before putting the top crust over the pie. Also mixing vanilla powder into vegan whipped cream is amazing. I love the look of the little black specs! Yum! :)

    Here's a great link!


  5. Woo hoo, a fellow Canadian! :) You're definitely living in the city I wish I was living in...well, it's a toss-up between Toronto and Montreal. I really like the seitan crumble recipes since it's the fastest way to make seitan ever...literally 20 minutes or less. And they taste good too!

  6. Ya, sounds amazing! Also, Go Canada! :)