09 April 2012

Easter Treats

Easter in the Beaches is so pretty!

And let's not forget delicious too!

Here we have some special Easter lemon sugar cookies for the occasion.
Carrots, bunnies and chicks, oh my!

 The adorable little chicks are my fave.

The bunny was the tastiest...! Look at his tail!

Here are some chocolate bunny cupcakes with
vanilla buttercream frosting.


 This is the natural food coloring used to color the royal icing 
and the buttercream frosting!
 India Tree food dye products are amazing! But concentrated liquid chlorophyll 
is my all-time favorite natural coloring product. 
It's healthy and I almost always have it on hand!

Last but not least- delicious vegan cream eggs!  That's right!
Vegan butter, shortening, powdered sugar, rice syrup, agave,
vanilla, milk and... done! 

Happy Easter everybody!
Hope you all had a lovely long weekend! :)

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