03 August 2012

Bye bye Toronto in a lonnnnnngggg list of pictures -- Part 1.

Sexcereal. Weird.

Gluten free, vegan meatballs

Homemade mushroom, spinach and vegan
feta spelt phylo pastries

Work lunch at Hanoi's Vietnamese
restaurant- Tofu, bok choy, spring roll

Strawberry raspberry sunday cupcakes /
coconut mound cupcakes

Giant tray of cinnamon buns

Mini vegan asparagus and
mushroom quiches

Mini cupcakes : chocolate cream cheez /
tiramisu / strawberry cream / toasted coconut

Wu-Tang almond latte

Buddha's Vegetarian Restaurant

Buddha's Vegetarian Restaurant
-Glass noodles and veggie medley

Buddha's Vegetarian Restaurant
-Rice noodles and veggie beef

Buddha's Vegetarian Restaurant
-Pepper salt tofu triangles

The Beaches at 6am

Drinks @ The Burger Bar

Illegal Annex fire hydrant

Delicious gluten free, vegan mac and cheez! OMG

Raw falafel wrap
@ Belmonte Raw

Liver booster salad
@ Belmonte Raw

The BEST store bought tomato sauce that
I have EVER had. $9 @ Pusateri's

Gluten free mung bean pasta.
Over 20g of protein per serving!

BLT @ Urban Herbivore
Espresso @ Manic Coffee

Crazy croissant dough

That's it for now everybody!


  1. Why is it bye bye Toronto? Are you moving?

    1. I just moved back to Montreal last week! :)

  2. this post made me very hungry...!