05 August 2012

NYC Trip!

New York style clouds

My last visit to New York city was probably the best one yet. But that's probably because it was around my fifth time visiting, which meant that I was really comfortable navigating their crazy transit system, sidewalks and streets!

I was only in NYC for a couple of days, but I most definitely made every minute count! I heard some great live bar music, walked around a bunch of cool parks, saw some pretty neat outdoor art, discovered some tiny as well as not so tiny art galleries, shopped in the quaintest little boutiques and grocery markets and obviously ATE TONS! I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was way too excited to pull out my phone and start snapping away! But take a look at what I did manage to photograph :

Accommodations in the East Village.
This place was great- there was a yoga studio
on the main floor and a strict no animal product policy!
Just a few hours before taking off for the trip, I came across
Veg News magazine's great 2 page spread on the very
vegan friendly East Village!

AMAZING falafel shop! I forget the name of the place...
but it was somewhere in the East Village.

Babycakes Bakery!
Babycakes front stoop

Delicious gluten free donuts @ Babycakes.
I wish they had been this fantastic when I tried to follow their donut recipes from their cookbook!

NYC has the best Whole Foods. (WF)
I found some pretty neat products
that I had never seen before.

Almond Cheese @WF

Greek style cultured coconut milk @WF
Cool nut pastes for baking @WF

Amazing salad bar @WF. Ultra fresh!
More salad bar @WF
Lula's Sweet Apothecary's cashew cream ice cream:
chocolate mint and toffee cream with marshmallow sauce!!

Coffee break with the best cappuccino
while I try and map out a day.

Burrito eating somewhere near Chinatown. So tasty!

Whole Earth Bakery
Atlas Cafe.
GREAT service, amazing menu selection
and very vegan friendly!

Great little lunch @ Atlas Cafe :
House salad, mushroom spinach soup and
club sandwich panini. Thumbs up!

Inside Tu-lu's gluten free bakery. So cute!

Gluten free brownie to-go @ Tu-lu's bakery.
Great flavor but the texture was a little too
spongy/rubbery for a brownie.

Rain, rain, rain and more rain on my way home.
Bye, New York! I'll be back soon!

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  1. i had that coconut yogourt from whole foods. hmmm it was weird. i cant describe.
    i love your blog lisa
    love, alaina