08 January 2012

My Favorite Salad Dressing!

In winter.
Are still delicious! And essential.

Winter salads are rejuvenating and healing during a time when our bodies
are craving extra enzymes and 

Try growing your greens indoors in the winter time! It's super easy and fun.
Try an indoor herb garden on a sunny window sill or
grow some sprouts in a sprouter!
Best way to make sure you're getting your daily dose of fresh veggies.

This dressing is vaguely reminiscent of a Caesar dressing. It's creamy and tangy.
I like to use cashew cream as the base for this dressing... as opposed to tons of oil. But feel free to use oil or even a little vegan mayo! Tahini is amazing too.
To make the cashew cream, simply soak raw cashews overnight in some water. Drain and rinse the cashews.  Blend with a little fresh cold water in a high powered blender until you have a smooth paste.

This dressing goes really well with shredded, raw kale or with traditional romaine lettuce leaves.
Add a couple toasted walnuts halves, a few slivers of sweet onion and maybe some sauerkraut, and you're all set! :)

Here's how to make it:
Blend the following ingredients in a high powered blender:

Cashew cream ( or tahini )
Flax seed oil ( or grapeseed oil )
Fresh lemon juice and some zest
A lot of capers and their juice
Dijon mustard
Fresh garlic
Pinch of Sea salt and White pepper
Water ( if needed to thin out the dressing )

UPDATE :  I've figured out quantities for you!
Click here !   :)

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